A Passing Feeling

April 29, 2019

Let this be a placeholder for future thoughts on the topic of events and their contents, their planning, execution, and aftermath.

What I mean is that this weekend we were married, and I have yet to catch up, mentally, or, as is my wont, in writing, with all that has happened. The wedding itself was beautiful, perfect in every way except for the absence of my family, to be rectified by future convening.

There was also a bit too much faff just after the ceremony, but before the photographer was satisfied. That will not be memorable, however. What we will remember is the mercifully spartan ceremony, the intimate, joyous reception, the impromptu tearjerking speeches. These, along with the beautiful faces, the intelligent conversation, the energetic dancing, and the exuberant after-party, were all a perfect embodiment of what we love about each other, and what we love about our friends. That our disparate friends, some now too rarely seen, got to meet each other, was deeply fulfilling for us.

To have had it go off without a hitch, with less than a month of planning, has been a lesson in what’s important in life. It is also a testament to my wife’s (and mother-in-law’s) considerable abilities under pressure. All three of us were terrified during the day, and all three of us were thrilled by the evening by just what a success it was.

I feel now, two days later, like I could sleep for weeks after all the excitement, but tomorrow I will try to write more about what the first moments of this beatific union felt like, while they are still fresh.

Bryan Kam

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