Posting Daily

October 14, 2019

I’ve let my daily posting lapse, in part due to adopting the new note-taking system. It might sound strange, but the system has been mind-bending and time-consuming to put into action, and I’m thinking differently about thinking as a result.

That post also made it to Hacker News via Mastodon, which was a nice surprise and led to a lively discussion.

Much of the thinking I was doing on this blog, “aloud” as it were, is quite nicely done within that system. The upside of the Zettelkasten is the lateral thinking; the downside is that the writing within it is not as polished as when I post it publicly.

I haven’t made up my mind about the relative trade-offs between public posting and private thinking yet. For now, I think I’ll resume posting every day, and see how I get on.

Bryan Kam

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