Dry November: Day 12

November 12, 2019

Another night in a pub on the lime and soda, seeing a few friends I’ve not seen in some time. Everyone is coming and going, leaving London or about to return, trips to Stockholm and South Africa.

I’m staying put, though I need to book flights to California sometime soon. Today I read Emma Darwin, Balzac, Taleb’s Antifragile. I listened to Robert Wright speak to Jack Goldsmith about his new book about Jimmy Hoffa, which sounds fascinating, and might be a nice break from the kind of research I’m doing.

Frustrated by half-complete lists of book recommendations across Workflowy, Zotero, text files, the Zettelkasten, and scraps of paper, today I also put together a SQL database to hold them in pretty little rows. It hooks into Zotero’s SQLite, and uses a list of names which I was already using for film recommendations. I wrote a short Python script to manage it, and it’s all working now.

| Date                | Person        | Book              | Note                          |
| 2019-11-12 10:50:40 | Robert Wright | In Hoffa's Shadow | From Hoffa podcast 2019-11-04 |

That’s a joined up query; there’s a many-to-many table linking the list of people to the list of books and articles in Zotero’s SQLite database.

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