Dry November: Day 3

November 03, 2019

Last night, the Arts Club, discussing Kaliningrad, the evacuation of East Prussia, the history of horror films, and more divisive topics. A dinner and celebration, the wine flowed, but I didn’t drink. We left just as the music got good.

Today, I felt like the weather, lacklustre and grey. Still, I got up and went out.

I sat in St. Luke’s Garden, and I finished reading the article on haptics. Then I thought about an article a friend wrote, especially whether roguelikes assist in decision-making.

I went to the Barbican to read some more, and sat outside by the water until it began to drizzle on my notes. Inside there was something called the Battle of Ideas Festival going on. It looked dubious, from the topics and the few names I recognised, and I couldn’t get a read on the type of people attending — were these academics? People interested in politics? Tech?

I tried to walk into one of the talks which sounded interesting, about whether we’re losing the will to read. They nearly let me in, but at the last second, asked for a wristband. No dice; tickets were £55 per day.

So I sat in the hubbub of the crowds outside the talks, and read Emma Darwin’s book. I’m greatly enjoying it, and her thinking at times is similar to some of mine.

Bryan Kam

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