Dry November: Day 26

November 27, 2018

It’s late so I’ll not say much tonight. It was the first meeting of the Monday evening face-to-face intellectual conversations to which I’ve been alluding. I’ve named them Through a Glass Darkly, though this met with some dissent. I enjoyed the conversation although participants have requested that I add more structure.

At the moment, I‘m thinking this will mean asking people to bring questions and recommendations, but I‘m also open to setting a theme ahead of time, with optional reading. To that end I‘ve set up a website, which I‘ll link to soon, and a mailing list which you can subscribe to if you’re in London and interested.

We discussed our visions of utopia, how to gain an appreciation for film, whether modernity is damaging relationships, gratitude and grace, and my half-formed idea about the aesthetic nature of consciousness.

I look forward to doing it again next week, and I‘m grateful to those who came.

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