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April 16, 2023

Short instructions: record in the highest quality you can (more info below). Then upload here.

This page gives information for uploading audio for my podcast, Clerestory.

Question Transcripts

  1. Creativity and life (asked 2023-04-20)


Feel free to submit audio in any format. I want you to feel happy about the audio quality. So please listen back, and if it sounds good to you, it’s fine.

A dedicated mic is better, but phones or laptop mics are also fine (“Voice Memo” should be on iOS devices; “Voice Recorder” on some Android phones).

How you use your mic and your environment determine the audio quality. Record in a quiet place if you can, though some background noise is okay. Speak about a fist-width away from the mic, pointed at your mouth at 45 degree angle to the side (so you’re not breathing into the mic).

  • If you use your phone, the mic is on the bottom.
  • If you record outside, try to shield your mic from any wind.

Sending to me

The easiest for me is if you upload an audio file here.

If you don’t want to do that, you can also send me audio via Telegram or Whatsapp. DM me for my number.

If it’s easier for you, you can use Telegram to record voicenotes directly. You can also send recorded files to me via Telegram or WhatsApp. This may make it easier to send files from your phone.

I prefer that you don’t record into WhatsApp (which uses very low quality), but if you’re fine with the quality, then feel free to record/send however you like.

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