Too Articulate

September 25, 2019

Not that I “talk too wise”, but that I write too much, and in too many places.

I’ve just finished writing about Walter Kempowski’s All for Nothing, which I loved. Please read what I wrote.

But this is a meta-post about why I posted it there. After all, I wrote that review on this blog. Then I decided to post it instead both on Medium and on my other blog.

Museless Aiming was my original blog. In some form, I wrote there since 2006, mostly reviews of films and music. In its earliest incarnation it was a static site generator that I wrote myself, before I was even aware of Markdown. Later, in 2013, I migrated it to WordPress.

This blog, i.e., Clerestory, was originally at, which I liked for its simplicity. But then I discovered GatsbyJS, and preferred it for its usage of git.

In the end I’ll probably need to tear down one or the other. I like Gatsby enough that it’s probably going to be the other blog, though that will mean (without further work) the loss of comments and other dynamic features.

So maybe I’ll consolidate everything from 2006 onwards into one Gatsby site. But for now I’ll keep posting in random places, I think.

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