Dry November: Day 9

November 09, 2019

On the whole it’s been a good week. Yesterday I finished Barney Norris’ Turning for Home which I thought was excellent. It’s quite moving, and in some ways reminiscent of John Banville’s The Untouchable, as well as Thomas Hardy (Norris names the latter a few times, and clearly knows Hardy’s poetry).

Other than that I’m still working through Polanyi’s ideas from a few days ago, and listening to The Knowledge Project.

Tonight I’ve got a friend’s birthday, a rather big one, so I’m steeling myself not to drink at that. But I’m looking forward to it and I’m not too worried, as I’ve been out with people drinking a few times in the past week and it’s been fine.

This morning I also wrote an update on my note-taking system if you’re interested.

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